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Two Days In Venice, Italy

There’s something extremely romantic and charming about Venice. Imagine strolling down alleyways, eating authentic gelato while window shopping for Italian leather handbags. Whether it’s the Basilica di San Marco located in the heart of the Piazza San Marco, the...

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Wandering in Dubrovnik

Here is to the last of my writing on the Croatian Series and it cannot get better than about Dubrovnik. It is also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and is a small coastal town with a Big Character.  Dubrovnik was first established around 7th century, and was an...

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Discover the Kumbh. Discover India. Discover Yourself.

The experience of Kumbh was not just the photographs captured. It grows into you. The sea of humanity, the ocean of tent’s, the colourful flags, lakhs of pilgrims taking a dip in the water, the smell of the smoke from the holy fires, the beautiful sunrise all these will restore your love for humanity.

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Kenya – The Masai Land

Two weeks since I got back from Kenya, still nursing a Bad Flu that I contracted after Hitting back to India. All the vaccinations administered before this trip did not seem to Have worked on the Strong ‘ Flu Bug ‘ back here. Sniffing between tissues and coughing all...

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Sky Diving – Kill The Fear

Warning: Long Post Here It was a sunny hot May afternoon and I was sipping my green tea in my cafeteria as I bumped into my colleague. “Where is your next holiday?” He asked. Knowing my obsession with travel, I am now almost used to every second person at work who...

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Jordan – The Mystical Land

Cut back and rewind to October 2015, it was another routine day at work that I stumbled upon this online trip to Jordan. It was going to be a girls’ gang there and I really was not much aware of Jordan. As I researched, figured out that this looks so much more...

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